A New Normal to Be Enjoyed


We are continuing in a pretty pleasant place for several weeks now. There have been no big changes, no unusual delusions or fears – just a slow and steady movement toward a routine and a “new normal” life.

It has allowed me time to finish the garden and do some canning and freezing. I’ve become more regular at cooking meals and even sharing mealtime with family once or twice a week. I’ve bought a few things for the house, which some people call “nesting” and we’ve settled into our two bedrooms. It works fine to separate us at night since we like different temperatures and wake at different times. I get much better sleep this way. This is all possible because Dennis’s back pain has resolved and he is able to manage himself by himself. He is able to get in and out of bed, adjust his own blankets, and get to the bathroom without my help.

Also, another delusion was discarded yesterday. It has started to bother him recently that he misses so much of any conversation. He was investigating buying new hearing aids of the old analog style, ones that wouldn’t be beaming microwave radiation into his head. Somehow he convinced himself that the tube going into his ear was just a sound tube (which it is) and that it was perfectly safe to put his old hearing aids back in. Some articles I’ve read do express concern about the small amount of EMF emitted by the part of the hearing aid worn behind the ear because they are worn for so many hours every day. I am not directing him to those articles.

He has decided to go with a mustache and beard instead of trying to shave every few days. Last week we went into town and he got a professional haircut and beard trim, something he has hardly ever done. I have cut his hair ever since we were married so it was kind of a treat for me too. I thought he looked pretty good.

He reads a little bit again. He watches TV a lot – only shows that don’t upset him. He takes short walks without the cane or walker, eats his meals without trouble, and has been much easier to converse with. He seems a little more aware of his appearance. His blood pressure has been lower on a regular basis. All this is good and we will enjoy it as long as it lasts.

Is any of this due to taking magnesium, following a largely keto diet, and being healthier? Is it a slow healing in answer to prayer? Is it only a fluctuation in the course of LBD? I don’t really know and am wondering. Time will tell.


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