Because I Can


I have to say that I am relieved. We have had nearly two weeks at home that have been relatively stable. Dennis is doing so many things that seem different than the usual LBD heaviness, not that it is all gone, but he feels better much of the time. That makes it easier for him to think, converse, and go places. He watches TV, eats regular meals, sleeps at night for the most part.

Last night he came in, puffing and panting and looking a bit haggard. He said he had just run on his usual walking route. I asked him why did he run, and he said “because I can.” Okay. This is the guy who would hardly walk more than a few feet two weeks ago. He’s decided that he should push himself to exercise, knowing that he will not want to do it, but should for the benefits it provides. He decided he should learn where the dishes get put away in the kitchen so he could help with clean up. He’s been shaving himself and doing a much better job of it.

His vision is still pretty bad, he still has some obsessions with how he’s feeling and reports almost minute by minute. His whistle is gone, or his bathroom time didn’t go well, or he has no feeling on the right side of his face – stuff like that. Every now and then he worries about the electricity thing, that it will come back again when the water table rises. But over all he is doing so much better that it gives me a much more pleasant life. I cook meals, garden, fix the condo up a bit, visit with my mom and brother’s family, take walks and bike rides by myself. I feel somewhat normal, even with the limitations of our situation.

He’s looking silly on purpose. Just thought I’d let you know.

Once last week, we loaded up the lounge chair and went out to Round Lake. I set him up near the water at the boat landing where he could watch people and boats. He even shelled peas while he was there, although I would not give him the job again unless he gets a little faster at it. I was able to take a long walk and swim before we came back home. It was a lovely afternoon. I want to do it again.

The question I have is, “how long will this last? It’s an evil disease from what I hear from others. We have been blessed so far that he has not been so confused as to get violent, has not had hallucinations, and has not been so debilitated that he couldn’t move, eat, speak, etc… We’ve been dealt a merciful hand and I am grateful.


Thinking It Over in September

Now September is more than half over. As often happens when a large, mind-consuming task is done, I’m left wondering what to do next. All the things that I haven’t thought about while concentrating on our trip to Mayo Clinic, are probably still there needing to be attended to, but I’m not sure I’m remembering them all.  That is my most frequent prayer, that I would be reminded to do things at the right time – that nothing would fall through the cracks.  Things that do fall through the cracks unnoticed create bigger problems later.

We are becoming a little more devoted to our keto eating plan now that the husband is motivated to protect his brain cells, keep those mitochondria healthy, and all.  It is a good diet for neuro-degenerative conditions, as well as cancer, diabetes and heart issues. Since I wrote about his condition of Lewy Body Dementia I have received lots of suggestions of things to try and things to avoid. We already know about some of them but will probably try them all eventually – none are ridiculous, or lacking in a good success story. 

Which brings me to the point of how different this disease can be from one person to the next. Each individual kind of paves their own way down this path. There are some common traits, but even those come and go.  While it is interesting and hope producing to read stories of cures and great improvements, it can be equally devastating to read about unsuccessful outcomes. I would rather think that the husband’s story is his own and it’s not been told yet. Let’s just live well and watch what unfolds.

We can do this.

Thank you to all our friends who have responded lovingly, given us encouraging words, and have let us know that you are praying for us. A health threat is a bad reason to be drawing attention, but because of it we are newly aware of people out there who care.  I think that we could relieve your fears for us if you could be around Dennis for a while. I think you would be reassured that he is still himself, and thinking well. Circumstances are troubling, but God pays no attention to circumstances since they do no control him in any way.  It only makes sense to us to trust God and try to think like he does.

Tomorrow we are making a fun trip to the nearest “big city” of Duluth, MN. We are seeing some friends and then going to my favorite department store, Sam’s Club (lame, but true). We are looking forward to it. This weekend is Fall Fest in Hayward. It’s also the start of the Feast of Tabernacles. We intend to enjoy both. Life is good. We are not downcast. But don’t any of you stop praying, okay? Just sayin’…