And Then Again, Maybe Not…

I don’t think he had a stroke (see previous post). I think it was one of the expected fluctuations of LBD. For a day he had difficulty thinking fast enough to speak, and getting words out, but now he apparently has recovered. Last night he held a phone conversation without trouble and today he enjoyed a long talk with a new friend. I could see no effect from his temporary lapses.

I also asked him if he felt recovered, and he thinks yes, he has. He’s physically slow but mentally back to par (for him).

Just like his blood pressure has dramatic spikes, followed by strange lows, the other parts of his nervous system experience blips in their function. Sometimes it’s his eyesight, sometimes bowel function, often it’s coordinating his movements. I’ve heard it described as a roller coaster of symptoms and it does seem that way. We just don’t know what to expect next.

I think it does help to pray and have a positive attitude. I’m grateful it does not seem to be the “fall from the cliff” that I thought it might be.


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