A Bad Day and a Disturbing Change

May 29, 2021

A strange occurrence this week. The husband had a bad day which was noticed first when we went a few doors over to my brother’s house for a meal. He had a very hard time seeing things, like steps to go up or down, and food on his plate. He was very quiet at the meal but still conversed. Being very tired afterwards, he went for a nap.

When he woke up he was confused and couldn’t verbalize well. Words would come out of his mouth that he had no idea he had spoken, words that didn’t mean what he intended to say. He didn’t know why. He looked at me strangely all evening and acknowledged that something was very different and very wrong. He was slower in his movements but was able to get around okay, and seemed weak but symmetrical in his muscle tone.

His blood pressure was very high, something that had become common for him. His usual methods of bringing it down were not as effective, but as the evening wore on it did come down. LBD is known for erratic spikes in blood pressure in spite of medication.

I wondered if he had experienced a small stroke.

The next day he was not as “scary” in his reactions but still very bothered by his inability to think and verbalize. He concludes that some damage has been done and it may take a while for him to recover.

Even before this happened, his willingness to accept a wheelchair signaled a change. He has needed one the last couple of times we were seen by a doctor. He can’t stand in lines to wait at the clinic and has felt generally much weaker. He has stopped doing exercise except on rare occasions. He can’t walk very far and wants to have the walker in the car whenever we go somewhere. His overall appearance is of a very disabled man.

There are ups and downs, relapses and recoveries with LBD, but I would have to say that he has clearly progressed in the disease. He has not been making phone calls since having the speech trouble and that is sad because it was a lifeline for him. I’m hoping that he will improve in that area.


2 thoughts on “A Bad Day and a Disturbing Change

  1. My dear friend,

    I am so sorry to hear that! It does sound like a small stroke indeed. Don’t know what to tell you except that we will be praying even more for both of you.

    Much love,


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