Can You Get This Off My Phone?

Today the husband came to me in my “girl cave” wanting to know if I could fix something on his phone. He had inadvertently taken a video of his knee and posted it on Facebook. A fairly complicated accident, if you ask me. There were already two comments on it from friends, which was nice, but he hadn’t seen them yet. Instead he was frustrated over an email ad offering to take down an unwanted photo from an unnamed site.

Is there some internet business just scrolling Facebook, finding weird videos, and marketing themselves as being able to solve some horrible problem? I don’t know. I just edited the Facebook post. I could have deleted it but the friend messages were nice and I thought he should keep them. But the episode made me wonder if he could find trouble with all he does on his phone…

Hey, why not? It’s a nice knee…

It is his dearest occupation – to watch/listen to podcasts and videos on his phone. It’s close, in his hand, and the screen is magnified to a size he can read. It talks to him and gives him things to think about. I don’t know what could replace it in his limited arsenal of things to do.

His inability to see things for what they are, such as advertisements, is constantly coming up in our conversations. He is very swayed by clever marketing and feels like he has “discovered” things by his “research”.

Lately he has been “researching” a problem my Mom has been having and is certain he can help her with it. Last night, when I had disappeared on a bike ride, he went over to Mom’s, uninvited, and was sitting talking with her when I stopped in. When I left to get a shower and go to bed, he didn’t want to come. He sat and talked until nearly 10 pm. I wasn’t sure if I should make him come with me, but I figured Mom could handle it if she wanted him to leave. She said he told a lot of old stories (no surprise there). Her comment was, “he doesn’t get bored when he’s doing the talking”. Not always the case with those who are listening. He didn’t remember to tell her about his research and wanted to try again today.

It’s sad. Sometimes it’s frustrating. But he is still interested in life. He’s kind, cooperative, funny, and really not that much more work than I’m used to anyway. And I have so many places to find joy that it amazes me. God is good, even (especially) in this phase of our lives. We are okay, at least until I can no longer figure out technology either…


2 thoughts on “Can You Get This Off My Phone?

  1. My dear friend,

    When I saw his post on Facebook, I thought that it was probably a mistake. It must be so hard for him (and for you) to realize that he can’t trust himself with his own phone… Grace and so more grace it will take you…

    Praying for both of you.

    With much love,



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