A Necessary Trip

I know changes of any kind can be very upsetting, both to the elderly and to someone not feeling well, but we needed to travel. Dennis has been very emotional since his LBD diagnosis and at times feels like any moment could be his last. He has wanted to visit his hometown in Pennsylvania and see his family again, one more time. I agreed.

He also is still convinced that our condo is improperly grounded and has an electric field that is killing him. He felt that two weeks on the road might make such a difference in how he felt that he would be using his computer again, doing research, reading, and working on his book project. I asked him to think about what it might mean if he didn’t feel any better after time away from the condo. “It would mean that I wasn’t gone long enough. That’s the logical conclusion.” So, although I will look forward to a return home at some point, he will not. He’s already dreading it and doesn’t hesitate to say so.

The travel to Pennsylvania went fairly well, although it was a bit like traveling with a small child as far as getting in and out of restaurants and the motel. All things seem exaggerated to Dennis and are potentially upsetting. The 10 minute delay due to traffic conditions becomes “the most awful” part of the route, even though it was par for the course to my way of thinking. The pay stations on the toll road were “terribly stressful” and upset his stomach. Stopping for the night caused him to be so grateful for God’s help in solving our problem when I wasn’t aware that there was a problem – it was the plan.

I expected that he would feel exuberant after his first night of rest at his brother’s house, but he was very quiet and wanted to go back to sleep instead of having breakfast at the hometown cafe. He had very little energy all day and fell asleep for a while, surrounded by visiting relatives and busy chatter. He cried when talking to his sister and brother, and kept thinking of things to talk about of a “final” nature. I can see that this visit might take a lot out of him. I don’t think I can do anything to help with that.


2 thoughts on “A Necessary Trip

  1. My dear friend,

    Nothing is easy anymore! The change of scenery does not ease his anxiety. Would he not want to go home, my invitation to stay in our house for a month is open still. We are not coming home before Sept. 4th.

    We are praying for you and Dennis.

    With our love,



    I cannot help but wonder if a good antidepressant would not be helpful……you have considered probably this…of course, he has to take the medicine and this stuff creates other problems.


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