I am so glad there has been a gradual change over the last couple of days. I don’t know if has been because I asked him to quit taking proteolytic enzymes for a few days, or perhaps it’s just a Lewy fluctuation. Either way, I’ll take it and be thankful because this has been a stressful week and a half.

Last night there was no begging to go elsewhere to sleep. He slept part of the time in bed and part of the time in the recliner. He came and got me every time he needed to change something and that was a bit reminiscent of my night shifts as a private duty nurse, but over all we were peaceful.

He did want to get out of the house early this morning and go to breakfast at the Family Restaurant, but hey, I’ll take breakfast out most any time. He figured getting away would help him recover from the hours spent overnight in the electrical field. He wanted to sound intelligent at our meeting with the financial advisor at 10.

But breakfast was over by 8 am so he wanted to hang out at the church – just on a whim. It was open (are churches always open anymore? Don’t know) so he went in and fell asleep in the Fireside Room while I spent some time in the dark sanctuary playing with the piano. It was a good choice, and I’m keeping it in mind for the future.

Of course, all this time he was worried about hearing from the electrician. Even though I had called twice, the man was not calling back, not even to say he was too busy to check out our “grounding problem”. Dennis had figured out a new angle during the night and at breakfast he made me write down the specific points he wanted the electrician to check on. So the electrical craziness has not gone away by any means, BUT one of his phone contacts who he greatly admires had told him he was thinking wrongly and he started believing it. The result was that he didn’t have to be on any grounding pads all day, he quit wearing the moccasins with the lining cut out, and he actually thinks it is good now to be insulated from the ground. Go figure…

Tonight he was able to talk coherently, see almost normally, check his own email on his phone, get himself out of chairs and the sofa without difficulty, and was CHEERFUL. Wow. He ate supper and has decided to sleep on the futon in the sunroom, which is fine. Maybe I’ll get some sleep tonight.


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