Higher Ground Please


The last few days… we have been several places away from home seeking relief from the electric fields. We have spoken with electricians, we have prayed and battled spiritually, we have actually changed course and are no longer using grounding pads anywhere.

Dennis has had a couple new symptoms and I’m sure they alarm him. He has trouble swallowing his many pills. They are all supplements so it’s not critical he take them if he has trouble, but since this symptom was addressed at the conference we went to, it is an alarming occurrence to him.

Another surprise, he mentioned hallucinations. He thought he saw me coming toward him out in the field today – I wasn’t. He thought he saw a man outside the window but whenever he turned to see who it was, the man was gone. He said the H word himself.

But mostly it is still the electricity issue that is on his mind – trying to figure out why he feels tingling in his hands, cold extremities, dry mouth but drooling at the same time (???), and changes in his mental and emotional status whenever he is on the property and especially in our condo.

He would explain it this way. The code is written for single residences but our is a duplex. Because of that there are two grounding rods, 10 feet long and 6 feet apart. He looked up the code and found that it was a minimal requirement and didn’t take safety fully into account. He feels that electricity from one grounding rod is conducted through the grounding rod, into the wet ground (high water table) and feeding back into the other grounding rod and into our house through the neutral electric wire. Somehow this translates into the theory that if he gets up high enough above the water table his symptoms will lessen, perhaps go away. The rogue electric current is denaturing the protein in his body and creating more Lewy bodies faster than he can get rid of them with his magnesium water.

He talks these theories/facts endlessly, and I finally am telling him to leave me out of the conversation. I am not going to help him research electromagnetic shielding on the internet. I don’t want to hear about the dairy farms where this happens commonly, according to him. I am not going to try to lower the water table (he has ideas on how) or dig up the grounding rods and pull them out of the water.

As he says, he is sorry to be so much trouble, but the house and really the whole residential development is killing him and he has to get out. You have never seen desperation like this.


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