Camping Out

Crazy Day


I was in such a cooperative mood today – determined to help this guy feel comfortable somewhere other than in the house. I told him we were going to set up camp out in the field. How could that not work?

⁃ Tent has a polyethylene floor so it’s not grounded

⁃ Truck has rubber wheels so it’s not grounded

⁃ Nothing to plug the grounding pad into

⁃ Must find Ohm meter so we can tell if we’re conducting anything

⁃ Must have multiple things to sit on besides the truck, for comfort

⁃ Must have peanut butter, cheese and magnesium water

⁃ Must be in the shade in case it’s hot

⁃ Must have jacket

⁃ Must have head pillow

On and on. We spent quite a while fixing alligator clamps from the Ohm meter onto a grounding spike, which was really a huge wood file I had scrounged from the workbench. This contraption was then attached to the truck to ground it. He figured he could ground himself by holding on to another wire attached to the same spike. When we got out to the field and set up the chair, the snacks, and the ground wires and the grounding pad on the chair, I was all set for a good time tending the garden while he communed with nature and his phone.

Less than an hour later I was getting phone calls. The grounding wasn’t working and he knew why. And then the call that he and the walker had made it back to the house and couldn’t get in – back door was locked (um… try the front door, it’s not.) Next, where is the remote that changes the channels on the tv? Next, bathroom problems. I gave up and went to the house. Later I walked back to the truck, loaded everything up and drove it all back. So much for camping out. Not doing that again.

Grounding the truck, or maybe not.


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