Our World Is Getting So Small

This is so frightening.

Dennis came out of the bedroom this morning and every sentence out of his mouth was anxiety ridden and on the edge of panic.
“You need to be taking this too (magnesium) and the proteolytic enzymes as well. You need to be watching your protein intake and getting enough.”
“You need to take your tea and go sit by the grounding mat. You need to get grounded right away.”
“You need to spend as much time as possible away from the house, outside.”
“If you want to talk with me, come in the bedroom and sit on the bed (with its grounding mat).”
“We are one. You have the same thing I do. I saw you getting sleepy last night. You could hardly keep your eyes open.”

He goes in the bedroom like he says he will, but reappears every minute or so with another directive. Even though he says he has figured out that his distress last night was from the Cajun spices (in his Greek chicken wrap…) he says the electrical issue is not solved. We must resolve it. I will probably be hearing how that is to be done all day.

Is there hope of this changing?


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