Father’s Day 2019


Today was Father’s Day. It was not a bad day, but in some ways a sad day.

The better part was that we left the house early for church, ate breakfast afterwards at a restaurant, and then stayed outside away from electric fields all day. At least that was the way I saw it.

Dennis talked to both his daughters on the phone today and listening to those conversations was the sad part. He has changed so much, even in the last two weeks – rambling, sometimes confused, distracted by clouds or his own thoughts. In his account of the day he mentioned a major mistake he (we) made. I didn’t agree, but it made no difference.

I decided that since we had such a nice rest in the truck the day before, why not just drive our truck out in the wetland meadow behind the barn and he could spend as much time there as he wanted. Why not, indeed? So we did that, found a nice shade tree to park under, repositioned the truck several times, rehearsed how to open or shut windows and then I left. He could call me on his phone if he needed anything – I would be only a short distance away.

He stayed there several hours while I did my cleaning job and only called me twice. I went out to check on him and he was so busy talking on the phone that I left again and went to the house to do chores.

His next call to me was about his mistake. He hadn’t been thinking and had wasted a few hours already by not being grounded. The truck, having rubber tires, is not grounded unless a chain or something metal is touching the earth. He was having to get out of the truck and put his feet down and walk around to remedy the situation. Could I bring the walker out so he could sit on the seat and still have his feet on the ground. Yes, I could. I even brought him a snack and his magnesium water. After all, it was Father’s Day.

I heard him repeat the story twice to our daughters later. After hearing it the first time I asked him why he needed to be grounded if there were no electric fields, no EMFs in sight, but he didn’t answer – just shook his head. I guess I don’t really understand electricity (along with a lot of other things…).

Walker with seat attached

Not so long ago he would never have been caught using this. Now it is his best friend.


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