The First Days of June

The hard thing happens every time the husband comes up with new evidence of his “theory of the day”. He looks at me dramatically with a horrified expression on his face and explains the newest evidence of the connection between electricity and the way he is feeling. Today his thoughts have been directed to the ants who have nests in the ground around our house, small red ants that are common everywhere. He tells me that it is a well known fact that they are drawn to electrical current, citing several experiences with ant nests in electrical boxes and outlets. He has gone around the house locating any pile of sand that the ants have deposited and lining it up with an electrical outlet inside or outside the house. When asked what that means for us, what should we do about it, he says that we should get the house properly grounded. I remind him that it is already grounded to code and more (yesterday’s episode) and he then remarks about the age of the water heater, as if that cancels out the electrical grounding.
Last week he insisted on buying a grounding mat for the bed. I spent several hours researching the ones he was looking at and finally did the ordering for him. I decided it would be worth the expense if it would buy him some peace of mind. I even bought a smaller grounding mat for his feet when sitting in his chair. The first night, the effect was too much, although I’m not sure how one gets too grounded. We tried putting a sheet between him and the mat. When that didn’t feel right either he decided two sheets would be better. When that didn’t feel right he presumed the sheets weren’t effective because they were polyester. When he found out they were both 100% cotton he had no answer, but he still couldn’t sleep on the mat. Please send it back.


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