Voltage Problems


He’s just going to live outside from now on…

Two more days have passed since the husband had his first major meltdown about the electrical energy in our house. Things have not gotten better since. He has honed his theory about the natural voltage between the sky and the earth affecting him bodily. He feels it the minute he steps into the house. He has caught the idea of “earthing” and grounding himself to the earth, which he knows is going to help him feel so much better.
The day before last, he sat outside (where he felt safe), fell asleep and got a horrible sunburn on one side of his face. It blistered and was weepy, then crusty. He didn’t want to sleep in the house at night unless we turned off all the electricity. I did it for the sake of getting some peace. He kept saying that if he had a good night, that would prove it was the fault in the house causing the problem, as if there were no other reason that could cause his condition to change suddenly.
He is pretty much in denial about his LBD. He doesn’t quite realize that apart from a healing miracle, he is dying of dementia. It happens. He still tells people he is getting better and will once again do the things he has done, like playing his trumpet.
He went with Mom and I to Duluth today, for an appointment with Mom’s dermatologist. With his sunburned, damaged face he looked like he was the patient needing help. On the way home he was looking out the window at the sky and saw what he thought was a cloud formation, man made. It was quite diffuse and included jet trails, wide and fading, that fanned out like the spokes of a wagon wheel. Later at home he heard there was a bad storm near Duluth. Right away he attributed it to the government experimenting with weather control – the chem trails and clouds proved it. They were too unusual to be anything else. He spent the rest of the night looking up articles and people who would attest to what he thinks is true.
Some of the articles are on earthing – walking around with bare feet in contact with the ground. From there he went to wanting to order a special blanket that acts like a Farraday cage, which will protect him from voltage. Every time he stands up he says “okay, I’m about to get full voltage again…”
I don’t know what I’m going to do. He said he could not live like this (and I agree, totally). He talked about renting a different apartment but I can’t see that another building would be any different from the one we are in, built to code recently. I told him I wasn’t moving.
I’m not sure what he decided, but he has come up with something that has enabled him to go to sleep in the bedroom. I don’t think he has noticed that I turned the electricity back on. I noticed that he has not been fixated on his supplements lately, and he doesn’t eat as much as usual either – big changes for him.


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