June 1, 2019 New day, new problem

I have to write about this because I am so conflicted. Is this really as crazy as it sounds or is there some validity to what my husband is thinking and experiencing. I know he really is experiencing something – but is it LBD or what a normal person would experience if they were extra sensitive?

This week a big Excel Energy truck came to our driveway. The husband had called in a complaint about low voltage. He has been developing his theory about why our smoke alarm has been going off at 4 am. He has added, as proof, any instance of alarms going off in any building in our development. When we started having trouble with the TV he watched in the previous condo that also became part of the low voltage problem. He is sure the TV in our new condo has problems because of low voltage.
The other night he came back from dinner at a restaurant and was “abnormally tired” the minute he stepped in the house. He decided it was electromagnetic waves, energy gone rogue in the house, that was dangerous. He didn’t want to sleep in the house. He didn’t want me to sleep in the house. He was panicking and woke me up to tell me how scared he was. The fact that he had to call me more than once to wake me was his evidence that I was already affected.
I couldn’t think of anything I could do except pray with him. He did finally sleep but remained convinced he was being harmed. His nerves are super sensitive and he knew something was wrong.
We lived through the night. In the morning he didn’t say much but he wanted to stay out of buildings, both our condo and my mother’s, away from the energy fields that weakened him.
That morning as I worked in the garden he called me, all excited. He had figured out the problem. After drinking some milk and eating some peanut butter, his thinking had cleared and he remembered eating “Cajun potatoes” the night before at dinner. He was sure they had enzymes in the spices that caused his tiredness. Of course.


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