A Near Miraculous Turn of Events

I know enough not to get haughty and demanding with God. On my walk yesterday evening I had asked only for some small encouragement, something to keep us in the game and give us direction, some small arrow to shoot at the complex discouraging problems in view. I felt a plan was in place, even if I didn’t know the details. I trusted we would be helped, based on the character of my God. And now I will acknowledge his actions on our behalf, because that is what is due.

When I arrived at the hospital on Wednesday morning, Dennis was already back from Interventional Radiology and the feeding tube was in place. It had gone perfectly. However the nasogastric tube was still in place also and would have to stay there, hooked to his nose, for another 24 hours before it could be taken out. We decided to allay our disappointment with a little work.

I fed him ice chips and started his exercises, moving every part of him that would move. He was just finishing this when PT came to the room. The day before I had told the attending doctor that he had been alert all day and had scratched his own nose. He had talked to her and remembered her name. She had been impressed and had asked for him to be re-evaluated. The PT girls had him sit up on the side of the bed, and they too were impressed by his responses. Then Occupational Therapy came and had him brush his own teeth with a sponge stick, and a few other small maneuvers. Another point for the man. Speech Therapy came next and had him do a bunch of swallowing exercises. This was a busy morning for someone who had been nearly comatose for several weeks.

First time sitting up in a looooong time. It felt good. Still have a few tubes to get rid of though.

But wow, did it ever pay off! The attending doctor came in the afternoon and said Dennis was going to acute in-patient rehab at Miller Dwan, the best in the area. It’s connected to the hospital via skywalk. He would probably be able to go on Friday. Whereas he had not been a candidate for it previously, they now felt they had something to work with and were going to give him a second chance. I was ecstatic. Dennis was worn out but I think he was catching on that a good thing had happened.

We talked about it (I talked about it) the rest of the afternoon as he practiced swallowing ice chips. So even though he still had the NG tube for another night, it felt like the day had gone gloriously well. He had been a trouper and had worked hard. I had been a good coach and advocate.

I left to stay overnight with a friend who lived a few miles away, feeling oh so grateful and amazed at such a turn of events.

One thought on “A Near Miraculous Turn of Events

  1. What a wonderful email! It is about time, I thought… You both needed some encouragement, and I am glad it came all at once!

    Love and many blessings.


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