When It Doesn’t Happen

I have no hospital picture for today. Instead I took this shot of our meadow while walking, thinking and praying about handling disappointment. Sights like this speak God’s goodness to me.

Today Dennis was supposed to have a PEG tube for feeding inserted into his stomach – a procedure done in the radiology department under light anesthesia. It didn’t happen.

I had explained what it was and why it would be better than the nasogastric tube he’s had for weeks now. I played it up because I think having one less tube going down his throat might help him swallow better and eventually be eating and drinking normally. We were looking forward to having it done. By that, I mean Dennis was looking at the clock on the wall in front of his bed and asking every few minutes if it was time yet.

A few minutes before the appointment, a nurse came in and told us he had been rescheduled for the first thing tomorrow morning. They had several emergencies that took precedence. They were sorry. I was sorry.

Preparing for this procedure included having nothing in his stomach, so he had no feedings all day and the night before (via NG tube) and no IV fluid, and no ice chips as he had been having before. He was feeling very dried up. Since his new appointment is early tomorrow morning he won’t be getting anything tonight either.

All I want to say here is that we are getting used to disappointments. All they mean is that we didn’t know what God’s plan was. We now know a little more about the next right thing he’s doing for us. Accepting that does a real correction in my perspective. It makes waiting and trusting way easier.

On the Bright Side

On the bright side, today he was able to lift his right arm and bring his hand all the way to his nose to scratch an itch. He didn’t think of doing it himself, but when I suggested that maybe he could, he tried. I only helped him a little. Later he did it again to show the nurse that he could. He also shifted his upper body a little in bed, readjusting his position, which he has not been able to do prior to this. You may not understand why I am so happy about these small victories, but they are big changes in the right direction. Trust me.

I am praying that everything goes smoothly tomorrow. I hope to be up at the hospital, in his room when they bring him back. It’s been a while since I’ve seen his face without any tubes. I’m ready for that.


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