What Next?

February 24, 2020

Is this going to be the end of our half year of stability? I hope not, but things do seem to be getting a little weird lately. I really think the protocol the husband has been on has done good for him so it will be a disappointment if we run into trouble again. Going backwards is not fun.

In November when he had the DVT, he was put back on blood pressure medicines because he was very hypertensive. An additional one was added a month or so later because he was still running high. Well, his readings started coming down and then he began having times when it was low enough that he would feel dizzy and weak. I took away the diuretic and that helped somewhat. Now it is low more often and we have started cutting the last BP med in half. It might be that we are back on the autonomic nervous system “roller coaster”.

He has also noticed more hand tremor, and it is affecting both hands now. Because all this is worrisome to him, he has started back on his research in earnest. That, and watching all his favorite TV preachers every day keeps him quite occupied. He is still thinking logically, and his temperament is good, but I’m thinking this could get very obsessive, if not delusional. I’m so hoping NOT because…

I’m taking some time away in March to be with my daughter in Seattle. My brother Gary and his girlfriend Lyn are coming to stay in the house with Dennis. I’ve assured them that he doesn’t need actual care, just some oversight and help with meals and questions about where things are. Nothing about travel is easy here. With the arrangements I had to make to get to the airport, Dennis will end up being by himself for about a day and a half before Gary arrives. There are others who can look in on him. I’m counting on this to be okay.

At first I thought we might both go on the trip and Dennis was surprised and trying to adjust to the plan. When I told him he didn’t have to go, he was somewhat disappointed, but also pleased that I thought he was well enough to stay home without me. I don’t think it’s making him anxious. I could be wrong.

New things include some fancy probiotics and liposomal glutathione which the functional medicine doctor (Nan, she asked to be called) has prescribed. Correcting what is happening in the gut is very important to her. We are also giving “gluten free” a trial. The dining room table has a growing collection of bottles and containers now, which I’m not too happy about, but it’s too much trouble to put it all away in between uses.

I should get him walking/exercising again. We did so well for a week or two and then we started having to avoid germs and being around people with colds. We have a family member in cancer treatment who has low immunity. I know we can’t stop living normally – she wouldn’t want that – but at the same time it would be awful to be the ones causing a dangerous infection of some kind.

All for now. Can it be spring is almost here?


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