The Non-Electric Meadow



Last night I thought we did rather well. Dennis slept in one bed all night. He got up to the bathroom several times but seemed to be sleeping quietly the rest of the time. I hadn’t flipped the main breaker like I had the night before, so the electricity was on too and he didn’t talk much about feeling symptoms.

Nevertheless, this morning he asked how soon we could leave the house. I had agreed that we would ask a friend in Duluth if we could stay with them for a couple nights – just to see if being in their house, high on a hill, would satisfy the electrical sensitivity problem “we’re” having. They had extended the invitation, but I was considering the difficulty of getting Dennis up their long staircase to the one and only bathroom on the second floor.

Talking this over with Mom, after church, she suddenly came up with an idea. “Why don’t you try going out to the meadow first? It’s close, it’s high ground, and there’s no electricity at all.”

There is a property about six miles from town, owned by Mom as part of the family estate. It was part of the farm that I grew up on. It was always a favorite place for my brothers, especially the eldest of them, to hunt and just be out in nature. It’s actually 80 acres that’s about half field and half forest. Just inside the forested part is a large clearing that brother Ron has been tending. He has planted it with good grass, cleared trails in the surrounding woods and spends time improving it when he’s up on vacation. Along one border, tucked in close to the trees is an old house trailer, put there by my Dad, that the family uses on the rare occasions when staying out there overnight. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before when searching for an unelectrified place. Probably because I didn’t really want to leave home at all.

So, I packed up some things and we came to check it out. Other than getting there and finding it was locked, we’ve had no real problems. We had to go back for the key, and I went back again for a few things that I forgot, but all told, the husband has been here for five hours now and is happy. He’s either been sleeping or eating, both of which have been hard for him when affected by the electric field at home. He claims to feel wonderful, although he still has symptoms which he attributes to all the damage that has been happening for the last two weeks since we moved into the condo.

I am very interested in seeing how this first night out here goes for him. No electricity, no water except what we bring in jugs, no working bathroom, and smelling like mice – but way better than any tent, for sure. It’s easy for him to get into, has a bed he likes, chairs, table and a couch. What more could a man want? Will this give him the opportunity to recover from LBD, like he thinks it will? Will this give him time to write his book? He thinks so and this is why he’s so happy.

The meadow is beautiful with waist high grasses. A moment ago I saw a deer strolling through, grazing as it went. It’s peaceful here. I just have to figure out how to fit this into the rest of life, if it’s the only way Dennis can feel good. Unlike him, I have other responsibilities, but at least I’ve been able to honor his request to “get me out of here!” I have to do this just in case there’s a chance that it truly is an electrical field that has caused him to deteriorate so rapidly.


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