What Will Today Bring?

That is what I think to myself each day as I wake and take stock of the time and where the husband is. Today he was asleep initially, got up once to visit the bathroom, and then went back to bed until nearly 10 am. Even Mom was wondering about him and asked me how he was – was he alive?

As I watched him get out of bed, he told me he wanted to see David Kelling, the chiropractor. He was pretty sure that what he ate the night before was not good for him. He had decided that the meatballs must have had pork in them and he wanted to find out if David knew how long it would take for him to purge himself of the effects. The effects had mostly to do with his fatigue, and sleeping longer than usual. “Clean” and “unclean” has increased relevance to him since watching one of the TBN preachers on the subject.

He decided that fasting was the order of the day for him, but he did want to pray with me for the meal I was having for breakfast. He remarked about how different it was for him to be praying for my breakfast, but his fast – that it would be a good one. For several minutes I was able to distract him with news of people we had known in Florida, but soon we were back on the subject of health, only it was now my health. According to his observation I thrash around in my sleep a lot, and he is unable to wake me lately, to get me to stop.

Behind this topic is his supposition that I have REM sleep disorder, which means I’m just like him only a few years behind in my progress. My symptoms should move me to take more magnesium, quickly.

He was able to sit and lift one leg up onto the opposite knee without using his hands to pull it up. He is doing this the last couple of days, meaning that he is improving his strength and flexibility. Everything he does better than the day before is because his therapies are working. Everything he does worse is because of something he did wrong – the wrong supplement, the wrong food, not enough exercise… The fluctuations are never because of LBD and its usual course. Sometimes he looks sad and he may be thinking of the LBD, but he does not acknowledge it.

I looked at his blood pressure log yesterday and noticed that he hasn’t recorded anything since 12 days ago. This was an obsession not too long ago, needing to be done every time he “felt” any change. I don’t know if he’s forgotten or if he believes his pressure is normal now and no longer needs to be monitored – since he stopped taking all his medications. Yes, he did that. Dr. Chambers told him it wasn’t the smartest thing to do since he still had some high readings and having a stroke would put an end to all his other therapies. He didn’t agree. He is getting better.

In spite of getting better, he has come out for help putting on his shirt, and just came out to tell me what a terrible time he had putting a different belt through his belt loops while trying to keep his shorts on.

He has taken to heart what he heard from another preacher on TV, about being selfless and thinking of others. Twice this week he has insisted upon riding in the back seat of the car and letting Mom have the front. He makes sure it gets talked about.


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