Taking a Vacation

I took one. It was planned last year, involving expense and arrangements with other people so I could not easily change the plan, although I considered doing that. To be gone for seven days required more effort and stress for others than I had thought it would.

I am glad that I had the foresight to ask youngest daughter Esther if she could come to stay while I was gone – to keep her father company, and to help her grandmother not feel the whole weight of socialization. I also wanted feedback on my own observations and assessments. I don’t always know if I am seeing what I think I’m seeing, or if I’m just being impatient and somewhat biased because of my closeness to the issue.

There were hard moments for both of them – Esther confirmed this – but overall she did a great job of making him happy, helping him feel guided and informed. She gave him tips on calming himself, on exercising with dance, and being lighthearted and silly as therapy. They talked. They did things together. It was good for him and good for their relationship. I am grateful for all she supplied, but also aware of the cost for her. Taking solo vacations is probably not something I will be doing a lot.

However, we can take vacations together, the husband and I. And that will be another adventure, I’m sure.


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