Week One in Rehab

Occupational Therapy, clothes on, in a chair, ready for work. Thumbs up.

Progress Points: Week One in Rehab

New routines are getting in place at Miller Dwan Rehab Hospital.. OT early in the morning to get dressed, brush teeth, ADLs. Speech therapy. Off to the gym for an hour with PT and then back to rest. OT and Speech again in the afternoon. Evening rest.

Off oxygen and still doing well.

Blood pressure remaining stable.

No more finger pricks for blood sugar testing.

On a new mattress that avoids painful pressure points.

Allowed to sleep at night, undisturbed if he doesn’t need anything.

Beard got trimmed (yay!). Wearing real clothes during day.

Having real conversations with wife. Voice getting stronger.

Getting “known” by staff.

Got to ride stationary bike in PT, with help.

Room got personalized – the “love” poster from family and all the cards are on the wall where they can be seen.


When told rehabbing was his new job: “Take this job and shove it.”

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