The Last Road Trip?

We have let enough time pass since the last trip for the memories to fade and not be quite so awful. I knew the time would come when we would have to try another trip, and that time has come. We have unfinished business in North Carolina, in our daughter’s basement, which is partly our reason for going. The other part is that we need to see them more often and want to do our part by going to them. We may not always be able to do that.

Preparation for travel is my first job. I have mapped my route and made hotel reservations for two nights on the road. Both nights find us in towns where I have relatives, and in another life I might have asked to stay with them, but not now. I am so glad that we can afford to choose lodging that suits Dennis’s needs and gives us a chance to get a good night’s sleep.

Our second night is in Madison, Indiana where my cousin and her husband have been developers, overseeing the remodeling of an old, abandoned cotton mill into a Fairfield Inn. It was a big project, and has added a valuable historic site to the city’s list of places to visit. We are actually going to be staying there, as well as having dinner with Ron and Marlene. This will be our biggest “treat” of the three days of travel.

Nearly one month later:

Our trip proceeded pretty much as planned. The unexpected difficulties were Dennis’s persistent, recurring nosebleeds and a bout of stomach upset that kept him from taking his meds for a few days. He decided he was doing well without the meds and wouldn’t start taking them again – just his supplements. I didn’t argue with him because I couldn’t tell if he was worse in any way either.

We accomplished our mission in North Carolina. Painfully, I went through every box and evaluated every stored thing from our past Florida life. I sold one piece of furniture before Julie convinced me that she wanted the rest for a garage sale she intends to have. I spent quite a few hours sorting and pulling out a few small things that would come back to Wisconsin in the car with us. We had a very full load. Dennis tried hard not to be too needy. He sat in the bedroom watching tv and his phone most of the two weeks.

We did spend some good times with Kevin, Julia and the three children. I think Dennis enjoyed that. They gave up their master bedroom and bath for us, and it was quite adequate, although any change takes getting used to when you have disabilities.

We traveled back in two days. We always seem to be motivated to spend longer hours in the car on the way home. Our last day, driving up through Wisconsin, was rainy and then snowing. Welcome home. I’ve said it before, but maybe this really will be the last time we travel together.

Early on in the road trip, Dennis was still doing well getting around with the walker. He is feeling considerably weaker now.

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