A Day in January

Today we went to a chiropractor who has been doing applied kinesiology for Dennis. His functional medicine doctor sent him for this kind of therapy hoping to get some information that might have been missed before. He hasn’t been able to get rid of his tremor (both hands now) or regain strength with all of the treatments he’s been on, so she’s looking for something else.

Dennis likes the chiropractor. In one session he tested weak in an area and the practitioner asked if he had unresolved issues of shame in his childhood. It progressed into a surprising memory that surfaced and an emotional discussion that we all thought was beneficial. Today the doctor told me he felt there was still something more but it would have to wait until he could schedule a longer session with Dennis.

This search for reversal of his dementia is really calling on every bit of patience I can muster. There are so many things I have to do for Dennis to get him ready to go anywhere. He needs help with almost all his hygiene tasks, starting with being reminded that he needs to do them. His fingernails would be two inches long if I didn’t tell him they needed to be clipped – except for the right hand. He chews them off on that side.

Everything he is able to do himself is done at turtle sloth speed. His body resists his mind telling it what to do. For instance, the chiropractor has a very narrow adjusting table and it’s not the kind that starts with the patient standing up. Dennis has to lie down on it, and he is clueless how to do it. Lying on his back, with help, is do-able, but turning over onto his stomach without falling off the table is almost impossible. It took more than five minutes just to figure out a strategy let alone execute it.

All of these several times a day, plus all the pill supplements and his prescription meds for hypertension. It’s a lot to keep track of.

Light therapy, sound frequency therapy, essential oil therapy, as well as all the regular chiropractic adjusting gets done every time we go there. We also have potions from a company called CellCore for mitochondrial support and ATP function, Hydroxygen for energy and detox support, a mineral supplement and a parasitical. Evidently there are parasites present somewhere. But I really haven’t seen any positive changes over the last month. I know these things take time, but even the chiropractor thought there would be some improvement by now.

Dennis thought there would be improvement by now. I know he is getting impatient and wants to do something more, but he is not as good at researching any more. He has trouble reading anything, his hearing is problematic (as are the hearing aides), and he falls asleep easily. I don’t know if I should be taking up the search. I have my doubts that he is capable of carrying out the kind of program that would bring reversal, if it is even possible. I’m just having trouble taking care of both of us.


2 thoughts on “A Day in January

  1. My dear Shirley,

    In reaction to your post, the thought that comes to mind is one that you know well: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Praying that God will equip you and give you an extra portion of patience and courage… you will certainly need it!

    With much love,


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