As I have written, he decided to run because he could. Well, it seems that he shouldn’t have assumed that he could, not without consequences.

His back became really painful as his muscles responded to the “running”, which made him remember the chiropractor, and how long it had been since he’d gone for an adjustment. We went twice last week and he got enough relief each time that he was very impressed with the chiropractor and how much he knew. Still, he had problems that returned each night as he slept.

I say “slept” but I’m starting to wonder if he does get much sleep. He tells me in the morning that he has been awake to go to the bathroom nearly every hour. He no sooner gets back in bed, than he has to go again. It’s almost like the act of lying horizontal causes him to feel it.

This morning when I came to ask if he was up and getting prepared to go to church, he definitely was not. Every movement of getting out of bed, trying to walk with the cane, sitting, standing again – it was all so slow and guarded that there was no way he could go anywhere. He does not tolerate pain well. So our plans for the day took an about face.

Not only did we stay home from church, but we also cancelled on a dinner out with friends because he could not get dressed, or ride in the car, or wait for a table. He did not want to be left alone at home either. It’s not that he will allow me to help him or touch him, he just wants someone to stand by if needed, and to listen to him talk of all his calculations about how to move, or why he can’t make a certain movement. I have to keep reminding myself that he can’t help it. It’s the disease.

This is a disappointing setback in our stretch of fairly stable days. I know it’s a bit selfish but, I also really wanted to go out to dinner…


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