It’s All Connected


This is a list of links to articles that the husband has been reading and discussing with his brother for the last couple of months. I intend to read them one or two at a time and try to summarize what they mean, in addition to what they mean to him.

His research often starts with a symptom he’s experiencing and trying to understand. He uses google on his phone and reads, then he forwards the link to his brother who is a retired university biologist. One article will lead him to another one, and there is always a connection to be made to the next thing. Sometimes I can see his reasoning and other times I think he’s stretching things a bit. A common thread is that he believes many of his symptoms have something to do with magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium is needed for so many functions on the cellular lever that a deficiency could affect any organ system in the body. He believes correcting the deficiency could reverse the damage in the brain that causes diseases like AD and LBD. That’s what he’s trying to do.  The Lewy Body Dementia Association, nonprofit, national This is the article about reversal of cognitive decline that gives the husband hope  about autophagy  this is where the interest in magnesium began all about nitric oxide’s influence, enhance NO may prevent inflammation he tries to figure out why eating cheese gives him a sensation in his head about how milk is a good source of magnesium and how magnesium has to be present for vitamin D to be processed soy beverages decrease the bioavailability of Mg and Ca red clay interest him, however magnesium levels are low in clay because of leaching  the uses and actions of bentonite clay, a source of magnesium and a chelating agent for heavy metals  nutrients in bone broth such as collagen and other proteins contribute to skin health and gut health  magnesium and autonomic cardiovascular regulation, hypertension  pdf of magnesium rich foods laughter promotes health, use in relieving depression magnesium in a more bioavailable form from Dr. Carolyn Dean – ReMag Rapamycin and autophagy as potential treatments for AD autophagy contributes to limiting viral

pathogens dietary buffers for dairy cattle – no clue why this is relevant the brain, PTSD, TBI this is a good one on magnesium deficiency, why it’s widespread and dangerous. doctor get Nobel Prize for discoveries about autophagy. Fasting and autophagy to rid body of damaged/broken cellular components the role of nutrition and supplementation in macular degeneration Varicose veins, home remedies and nutritional advice magnesium deficiency can lead to hair loss and scalp problems, dietary and supplemental Mg can have positive effect on hair growth magnesium for maximum heart health Dr. Carolyn Dean on magnesium Dr. Carolyn Dean on fibromyalgia and CFS Magnesium basics, importance of Mg in numerous body functions


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