A Wakeful Night


Yesterday, the day of the husband’s doctor appointment, I wanted to encourage him not to be weird, not to ask the doctor to read his reams of research printouts, not to tell stories about Jimmy and Rosalyn (the Carters), not to talk about his wonderful brother who takes him seriously, and the list goes on … But when I sat down hoping to have this conversation with him he was all about his difficult night in which he lay awake from 10 pm to 3 am, hearing from God – that it was his time to write a book and share the secrets that have been revealed to him, mostly about magnesium. The title is already decided: “Wake Up and Smell the Peanut Butter”.

We did have a good talk, and we prayed about the appointment and everything else that we pray about.  I really wish he would write about his experience. That is not a crazy idea and would be interesting, but he has challenges that make it difficult. I ended up suggesting that he dictate his writing and I offered to edit it for him. He had wanted to ask that but was dramatically grateful that I offered before he had to ask. He also asked that I co -write his book, telling the story from my point of view, like Jimmy and Rosalyn did. I think he said that was God’s idea too.  (Another thing I wonder at – he emailed Linda Ronstadt to tell her the problem with her voice going away was because of magnesium deficiency.)


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